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Rules and Guidelines

We don’t have many rules but those we have are important for your safety and hunting enjoyment:

p31700031* License required  www.mwfp.com
* Blaze orange cap or vest required
* Dog owners may hunt their own dogs- kennel space available
* Gratuities are appreciated by our guides and are at the discretion of our guests




1.     Protective shooting glasses and ear protection must be worn at all times by all persons while shooting sporter clays.


2.     The largest shot size permitted is # 7 ½


3.     While waiting your turn to shoot, be certain your position is safely behind the shooter, clear of his field of vision.


4.     The only time a gun will be loaded is when the shooter is actually on station prepared to call for a target. Guns should be loaded only with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. At all other times the gun will be unloaded only with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. At all other times the gun will be carried unloaded with the action open. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule except as it relates to hunting as set forth in rule 10 below.


5.     At no time will a shooter load more than two shells in a gun, except when hunting.


6.     Before leaving a station, shooters will ensure that the gun is unloaded and the action is open. Keep muzzle pointed down range when gun is loaded or when ejecting empties or unloading. In case of a malfunction, keep gun pointed down range until clear.


7.     Practice swings from behind any station are not allowed.


8.     Use of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.


9.     Keep the muzzle of your gun pointed away from other persons on the facilities at all times.


10.          This rule applies to hunting only. Special attention to safety is required when hunting since you will be in close quarters with other hunters, guides, and dogs. DO NOT LOAD YOUR GUN UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO BY YOUR GUIDE. Keep the gun safety ON until you are ready to shoot. Flushing birds have unpredictable flight paths. Make sure you and other hunters agree on your zones of fire. Only take shots in your zone. When in doubt, pass up a shot that could endanger another person or dog. Follow all instructions given by the guide, He is in control of the hunt.

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